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              Since its establishment, Nexteck Group has not only strived for the highest achievements in its metal alloy, cover / carrier tape services but has also actively developed positive relationships with all employees,  customers, suppliers, and society to fulfill its responsibility as a corporate citizen and pursue a sustainable future.

              Acting with Integrity: Nexteck Group believes in acting ethically, following the law, and balancing the interests of all  parties. The Company endeavors to use the experience of developing a sustainable business to drive the industry and supply chain into a positive cycle and to act together with them as an uplifting force in society.

              Strengthening Environmental Protection: Nexteck Group strives to achieve environmental sustainability and continues to promote green fabs, green manufacturing, and green supply chains. The Company seeks the most efficient use of energy and resources and is committed to reducing waste and preventing pollution. 

              Caring for the Disadvantaged: Nexteck Group believes in equality, justice, and a safe and prosperous society. The Company combines its resources to assist all the employees in difficulties and other vulnerable group.

              Nexteck Group is diligently carries out the responsibilities of a good corporate citizen. Through explicit direction from executive leaders and a strong management system, Nexteck Group establishes continuous improvement plans to enhance its sustainability performance on economic, environmental and social dimensions.



              Providing real-time and high quality service

              NEXTECK (CHINA) - SHENZHEN
              Tower A1001, Galaxy Century, No 3069, CaiTian Rd, Futian District, Shenzhen, China
              Zip Code: 518026
              Tel: +86-755-8256-1631

              PRODUCTION PLANT
              Wenchuan Rd, Alley 5300/1, Baoshan District, Shanghai, China
              Zip Code: 200942
              Tel: +86-21-3638-0189
              Fax: +86-21-3638-0109
              E-mail: nexteck@nexteck.com.cn


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