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              The Performance of Alloys Precede Pure Metals

              Pure metals possess few important physical and metallic properties, such as melting point, boiling point, density, specific gravity, high malleability, ductility, and heat and electrical conductivity. These properties can be modified and enhanced by alloying it with some other metal or nonmetal, according to the need. Nexteck Technology provides not only pure coppers and pure nickels but also metal alloys, including copper nickel alloys, nickel chrome alloys,  ferro-nickel alloys, manganese copper alloys and more.

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              Alloys are made to:

              Modify color: The color of pure metal can be modified by alloying it with other metals or nonmetals containing suitable color pigments. When copper is added to iron, there comes iron-copper alloy whose color is more bright than pure ferro.

              Lower the melting point: Pure metals have a high melting point. The melting point lowers when pure metals are alloyed with other metals or nonmetals. This makes the metals easily fusible. This property is utilized to make useful alloys called solders.

              Enhance the hardness of a metal: An alloy is harder than its components. Pure metals are generally soft. The hardness of a metal can be enhanced by alloying it with another metal or nonmetal.

              Enhance tensile strength: Alloy formation increases the tensile strength of the parent metal.

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              Provide better castability: One of the most essential requirements of getting good castings is the expansion of the metal on solidification. Pure molten metals undergo contraction on solidification. Metals need to be alloyed to obtain good castings because alloys expand.

              Enhance corrosion resistance: Alloys are more resistant to corrosion than pure metals. Metals in pure form are chemically reactive and can be easily corroded by the surrounding atmospheric gases and moisture. Alloying a metal increases the inertness of the metal, which, in turn, increases corrosion resistance. Nexteck Technology nicrhome alloys, copper nickel alloys are resistant to corrosion.

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